Lots going on at the Nason house in 2019 – no shortage of events with 3 super active kiddos.  We’ll start with Q!

Quinli is in High School!  Impossible to imagine for all of you who were with us when she came home from China.  She is taking online tests and studying (???) for her driver’s exam.  DRIVER’S TEST!?!?!?!? How can that be?  Vlogging and Tik Toks have become a favorite pastime.

And after winning the coveted “MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT’ award at the end of her middle school career, she was one of the few freshman selected to be on the varsity football cheerleading team at Page High School.  She was nominated as Homecoming Royalty and Friday night lights have never been more fun!  This past summer we once again had a great time with her China sisters on a weekend trip to Chicago.  Loved the windy city and that special time.

Harper is wrapping up her high school career and will graduate in May of 2020!  She played tennis last spring, has worked as house manager, prop manager, and will soon be stage manager for the Page High Theatre Department’s production of FOOTLOOSE in the spring.  AND…. she decided to be on the HS bowling team.  Who knew there was a high school bowling team?!  The girls team went 13-1 in their regular season matches and will compete for the state title starting in January.   Wally is team dad/scorekeeper and it has been tons of fun!

(Harper and pals –  Elli and Cassidy – after a bowling match.)

Harper spent almost two weeks in Malawi, Africa this summer helping paint schools and reach the native kids.  Life-changing is an understatement for her time there.





And with modern technologies, she is still in touch with many of the kids she met there.  After visiting Cumberland University, Western Kentucky University and Middle Tennessee State University… Harper decided to become a Blue Raider at MTSU and to study Special Education.  She has been accepted into the Honor’s College and will move 45 minutes away to Murfreesboro, TN in the fall… EEEEKKKK! 

(Think these two are serious about corn hole?)







(Chicago fun)









Brock is a junior, continuing his Music ED. degree at MTSU.  We have got to see him in multiple choral concerts, opera performances, and a few solo concerts/gigs around town playing his own original songs  and favorite covers.  He continues to be involved in the Church of the City college ministry, a MTSU campus ministry, and he leads worship for the Middle School dept. at COTC as well.

But the big news – He turned 21 in September.  So Wally took Brock and his cousin Eric (who turned 21 earlier in the year) to LAS VEGAS!!!! His Uncle Shawn secured a fantastic suite at the Comsmopolitan on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip.  We walked lots of miles and saw lots of sights in three days.


Brock continues to date his San Diego Sweetheart… Ashley – a Baylor graduate and Super Fan – (but that’s another story!)  Ha!










Lori continues her career in psychiatric health care as the Corporate Director of Intake and Utilization Management for a Nashville based company that owns over 250 psych hospitals around the country.

(Checking out some cool art in Chicago)

She is excited to go to Israel next summer with author/teacher Kristi McLelland and a group from our church. They will spend two weeks walking where Jesus and his disciples walked.  In addition, Lori started a blog this year…
Check out her posts about scripture, books, music and life!

I  continue to write and direct musicals for Blue Gate Musicals.  (   In 2019, we opened two new musicals… Simple Sanctuary and Christmas Tree Ship.

(Christmas Tree Ship Cast and crew-OHIO)

And we will start running our first show, The Confession, at a new venue in St. Louis this next summer.  I continue to be involved in a great men’s group at COTC that meets every Friday morning at 6:15 and Lori and I started leading a new small group every Sunday night.  Many great new relationships and wonderful times of watching God work in people’s lives!

Some family highlights include a really cool trip to CHICAGO this summer.  What an amazing city.  We saw HAMILTON, took the Chicago Architecture Tour (one of my favorite things ever!) and enjoyed some amazing restaurants, museums and a White Sox game.  Our cousin Jodi married Wes Harper this fall and we got to spend a festive evening with a bunch of Wally’s family in Indiana.

(The Johns family at Churchill Downs on Memorial day and below at Jodi and Wes’s wedding)








(The Dean -Lori’s side – cousins on Thanksgiving)

We have hosted high school cast parties, college worship nights, small group dinners and our usual party of 19 for Thanksgiving… all staying/sleeping/eating at the house for 4 nights.  Of course, we’ve also hosted a skunk in the garage and an armadillo in the front yard – won’t even talk about how much each of those visitors cost us!

We are very thankful and have been blessed far beyond what we deserve!
As always… we love guests.  Nashville is a hopping great place to visit and we’d love to see you.  Mi Casa es Tu Casa – Our home is your home!

God Bless,
Wally, Lori, Brock, Harper and Quinli











































































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